Welcome to 2015


I wanted to take a moment to say welcome to 2015.  With each New Year we have renewed hope for what might occur during that period of time. I have not written a blog post since November 6, 2014.  Today we are officially starting again in 2015.   I also wanted to take the time to invite you to join me here on my blog as we look at ways that we can fully embrace our passion and purpose in 2015.

Facing Life’s Challenges

I did not plan on not writing a blog post for two months.  In November my mother died unexpectedly.  I was fortunate to have a very loving relationship with my Mom.  Her death was so unexpected and sad for me.  It has been a journey; one that I am still experiencing.  I have experienced the ups and downs of life; yet I am grateful for a mother’s love and the ability to feel the pain.  Despite my sadness and loss I remain committed to living a successful life filled with passion and purpose.  I also want to honor my Mom’s memory by living each day to its fullest.  So I am back at my computer with the faith to believe that you and I can experience joy despite our challenges.  Notice I did not say it would be easy.  When I think about empowering my thinking for successful living I understand that my thoughts drive my actions.  I know I will get through this period and I will be stronger.  So will you.  Regardless of what you might be facing in your life you have all you need to not just survive it, but to thrive!

What Does It Mean To Fully Embrace Your Passion and Purpose?

Fully embracing your passion and purpose will mean different things for you depending on the season you are experiencing.  It will always mean that you give yourself to doing those things that stir your heart and bring the greatest joy.  When you fully embrace your passion and purpose you feel alive, energized and unstoppable!

Join Me

So join me by subscribing to my blog and letting me know your thoughts.  In order to sign-up add your email address to the box on your right and click the blue subscribe button.  If you would like to receive daily inspiration in the form of a quote and short life action step you can sign up for our mailing list or click here.  Together we can make 2015 the best year of our lives so far.  Again welcome to 2015.


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