Unstoppable is a powerful word.  What do you think of when you see or hear the word unstoppable?  Last month my husband, Wesley, and  I attended the John C. Maxwell Team live event in Orlando, FL.  As a founding partner and certified coach I have experienced first-hand this phenomenal organization.  Wesley and I had an opportunity to get acquainted with old friends and make new ones.  One of the highlights of our week was hearing Nick Vujicic of Life Without Limbs.  Nick’s story is very compelling and after listening to him speak I was convinced I needed to read his latest book,Unstoppable  Unstoppable:  The Incredible Power of Faith In Action. His talk highlighted how important it is to live an unstoppable life.

Unstoppable Faith In Action

So I purchased the book and on the plane returning home I began to read Nick’s story.  The first chapter of the book is:  Faith in Action.  This chapter really appealed to me because as I work with my clients they often have difficulty recognizing that believing in their dreams is not enough without acting on their dreams.  According to Nick:

You can believe in your dreams, but you have to take action to make them happen.  You can believe in your talents and have faith in your abilities, but if you don’t develop them and put them to use, what good are they.  You can believe that you are a good and caring person, but if you don’t treat others with goodness, where is the proof.”

So how do you live an unstoppable life?  Let’s review 5 ways:

  1. Clarify what you want to accomplish in life.  When you are confident about your purpose in life you will not be easily deterred from accomplishing your dreams.  Often we lose valuable time and energy because we have not spent the time to identify our purpose and create the steps to accomplish it. 
  2. When you clarify what you want to accomplish in life you will be motivated to take the necessary action steps.  After hearing Nick’s story I was compelled to take action to read his book; but also to apply what I learned to my life.  This involves making a plan and following the plan.  How do you complete reading a book?  It’s simple and yet we often start reading and fail to continue.  I know I have at least 10 books I have started reading only to discard them.  To ensure we complete a book we must start reading it and continue until we have completed the book.  Make up your mind that quitting is not an option.
  3. When you clarify what you want to accomplish and become motivated to act you are ready for the opportunities that will naturally come your way.  Because you have clarity of purpose you will be able to filter your opportunities through the grid of what fits with your plans and what will cause you to deviate from your plans.
  4. When you follow these steps you will be able to resist the obstacles and opposition that you will encounter.  Nick certainly has met with numerous obstacles and opposition having been born without limbs.  Nick has an unstoppable attitude and he has faith in his ability to overcome them despite the challenges.  I remember when I was a child I felt like I could overcome any adversity.  It wasn’t pride; it was confidence in my abilities and an understanding that my faith in God was an anchor.  Have I failed?  Indeed and yet I experience buoyancy in my life that continues to encourage an unstoppable attitude.
  5. Lastly an unstoppable life will give you the grace to measure your progress by clearly defining your purpose, motivating not only yourself but others to live life to the fullest, seek opportunities and move forward.

Having an attitude of being unstoppable is a powerful force to help you press forward instead of shrinking back from new opportunities.  You will find it easier to resist obstacles and opposition while getting back up when you have faced defeat.  If you want to learn how to apply these steps in your life contact me for a complimentary 30 minute coaching consultation.

Join me on my next blog post to find out what lessons I learned from Nick.

Question:  What’s stopping you from living the life you desire?

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