Unleashing the Future with Thanksgiving

As you move into 2016 how will you go about unleashing the future?  We often dream about the future.  We spend long hours wondering what it would be like to be more, do more, and have more.  While dreaming is admirable; dreaming alone will not help you to accomplish the future you long to have.  For the last six months I have engaged in numerous activities as we began and completed relocating to another state.  During this journey I experienced many highs and lows.  I have also came to realize that it is up to me to cooperate in unleashing the future with thanksgiving.  Won’t you join me as we look at stories that encourage us to keep moving while transitioning with thanksgiving.

What would it look like for you to start unleashing the future with Thanksgiving?

As I considered my life prior to the day we found out my husband was being promoted to another location I could see I was content.  I wasn’t really looking for an adventure.  I had a comfortable life, comfortable community and comfortable dreams.  In other words I was comfortable.  Have you ever felt like your world was just perfect and there was really no reason to rock the boat?  Then my husband presented the opportunity and we were faced with the dreaded “C” word – you know, CHANGE!  That’s when I started thinking what would it look like for me to start unleashing my future with thanksgiving?  Unleashing ThanksgivingRather than settle for being comfortable I decided to join God in unleashing the next phase of our lives.  As I embarked on the journey of preparing the house for sale, informing family and friends, and learning about the new area;  I started rediscovering parts of myself that had gone into a state of dormancy.  Suddenly I felt alive again.  Most days were not comfortable however they were filled with wondrous surprises.  I started looking at the past and I found the exquisite gift of thanksgiving.

No matter what you might be facing in life, you can always find something to express with a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving.  I was sitting on the plane in a comfortable leather seat, with a glass of ginger ale in my hand.  It was beautiful outside although I could hardly see through the tears falling slowly down my cheeks.  Normally I would enjoy riding in first class.  Often looking forward to the food and movie.  On this day I wasn’t looking forward to the trip.  One more trip to say goodbye to another loved one.  I couldn’t believe that my Dad was gone.  It had been only 9 months since my mother suddenly passed away.  My heart ached.  This should have been a happy and exciting time of my life and yet relocating seemed like a chore with all the grief.

Comfortable is overrated.

As I sat there in my seat something started to stir in my heart.  I couldn’t help but think of all the good times we had shared over the years.  Yes, there were bad times, too.  Yet that day out of the depths of my soul thanksgiving began to flow.  And I knew that while my journey would be difficult I had been given a gift.  Such a precious gift in the midst of my tears.  As I uttered the words of thanksgiving I was so aware that my future would burst forth as I chose to express thanksgiving.  I wasn’t thankful for the pain, I was thankful for the people I loved and who had loved me.  Because of that I could feel!

I like Henry Van Dyke’s quote:

Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received.  Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling.  Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.

Although the Thanksgiving holiday season is over, the art of thanksgiving can be practiced everyday in thousands of ways.  As you journey into 2016 remember to unleash your future with thanksgiving!

Let me hear from you!

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