Are you tired of waiting to see your dreams come true?

Do you feel as if everything is going wrong in your life?

Do you long for a season of prosperity and productivity?

Are you afraid to move forward because of the dreaded possibility it might not work?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are not alone!  I too have experienced periods in my life when I was paralyzed by fear and tired of waiting at the same time.  What a paradox.  We experience seasons in our lives when the thought of dreaming seems to be too risky.  May I suggest that dreaming is an opportunity for you to open your horizons and get in touch with your deepest desires.  Dreaming can also be fairly inexpensive.

In 2009 I experienced some very life-altering events in a relatively short period of time.  I had just published my book, The Fragrance of Prayer.  Because my book had recently been published I received an invitation to appear  on a local television station to share about the content.  The interview went really well .  I dashed out of the studio because I happened to have a doctor’s appointment.  Later in the day I learned that I had the markers for a chronic disease.  The news was very shocking however I didn’t really have time to absorb it before the next major crisis occurred in my life.  Shortly before Christmas my husband had emergency surgery.  This would launch me into the role of caregiver. This was new territory, however I couldn’t wait, I did it afraid.  I am very grateful for the tremendous recovery my husband made and the privilege of walking with him during his recuperation period.

My husband returned to work in February 2010 and I returned to a normal work schedule.  Fortunately my health has been remarkably well, however I was unwilling to stay home based on a diagnosis, so I trusted God and continued life sometimes doing it afraid!  My speaking schedule included 3 workshops at an education conference in March 2010.  After facilitating all of the workshops; I walked out of the building feeling very good about the weekend and eager to have lunch with my family.  That is when I checked my phone and returned a phone call to out-of-state family members.  I then learned of my nephew’s untimely death.  My dreams, very fragile dreams were slowly being shattered.

I flew to my hometown and officiated the services for my nephew’s funeral.  It was a very emotional and difficult time for my family.  I did not feel I could do it, however I did it afraid!  I returned home and was grateful because in about a week we would be going on a much-needed vacation.

I remember sitting in the airport waiting for the flight to San Antonio.  I was sad and yet the idea of 5 days away from home relaxing was just what we all needed.  I boarded the plane and felt a heavy burden lifting.  We arrived later in the evening and it was beautiful in San Antonio.  It was my first visit.  The next day was Easter Sunday and we decided to visit a museum.  The artwork was beautiful!  After several hours all of our cell phones started to vibrate.  To our utter shock we learned my husband’s mother had died, quietly on that Easter morning.  We were numb.  I really didn’t believe I could find the strength to get on the plane to go bury another relative, especially so soon after my nephew’s funeral.  I did it afraid!

Those life-altering events led to a new path of discovery in my life.  I have been speaking, teaching and training leaders for many years.  My passion for personal, professional and spiritual development have remained consistent throughout my career.  My devotion to helping others is a core value.  So what changed?  I realized I wanted to help shape the lives of others toward moving forward!  I decided I would not allow myself to be held back by perceived limitations rather I would boldly move towards my dreams and do it afraid!

I had been coaching clients for years however I had not really focused my attention on getting the proper credentials and going to the next level.  I enrolled in my first certification program in June 2010.  Upon completion of the process I immediately started the second certification process and my business DLA Empowerment Life Coaching.  As I moved forward I really felt I was missing a critical piece of the puzzle.  However I didn’t stop.  In early 2011 I saw an announcement for the John Maxwell Team Certification.  Again I took the leap and did it afraid!  It is now over a year later and my life has dramatically changed for the better (we’ll discuss how wonderful in another post).

Do you have dreams you want to see realized?  Do you need help realizing your dreams?  Have you been through difficult circumstances and feel now is not the right time?

Now is the time!  Do it afraid!

If you are ready to move forward contact me today at 330.510.1352.  Together we can develop an action plan that you can use to articulate, visualize and achieve your dream!

Coaching you for life,



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