The Benefits of Simplifying Life

The benefits of simplifying life are too numerous to list. Have you ever felt like your life would be easier if you could only find things quicker? Maybe you haven’t had this experience yet, but I have. You can certainly rest assured that as you navigate the seasons of life this will manifest.   My husband and I are currently in the process of relocating to another state.   As a result we have spent more time living in a hotel suite.  I must admit I have enjoyed all of the square footage in our home.  Prior to this I really enjoyed my stays in all the wonderful hotels because they were temporary; not serving as our home away from home.   Now I am longing for a simpler way of living in our next home. I’m sure you can relate to how great it feels to know which closet your clothes are in. Or maybe when you feel like having a snack, the ease of going into the kitchen to retrieve your favorite cookies. Now I’m not implying that hotel living is not simple. I am saying that my life initially appeared to be complicated by living in several places for short periods of time.  I do realize that while this has been an adventure I have gained a greater appreciation for the kind of life I want to live now.  For instance, we have really begun to evaluate just how much square footage we need in our next home to be comfortable. This has led to a major shift in thinking about downsizing earlier instead of later.

Simplicity for me is found in things like: a neat and organized home,  sitting on my deck watching the sunset, or an evening of conversation and laughter with family.   Mind you my office sometimes looks like it has been hit by a small storm.  However during the moments when it is neat and organized I experience immense pleasure. I can relax and create!

Simplifying life

I am not advocating moving to Walden Pond like Henry David Thoreau, Of note, I am a huge fan of his work, however that discussion is for the future. What I am suggesting is that taking small steps to create a space for simplicity will provide us with immeasurable benefits. So as I have embarked on this journey of relocating I have also gleaned some valuable lessons about what brings joy into my life. Let’s look at 3 benefits I believe you will gain from simplifying your life:

The Benefits of Simplifying Life

  1. Peace.  One of the benefits of simplifying life is peace. The peace I am referring to is defined as freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. This peace allows you and I to experience life with minimal frustration and anxiety.  Although my hotel suites have been much smaller I have found peace in snuggling up in a chair to read one of my favorite books.
  2. Time.  Simplifying your life can lead to more time to participate in and enjoy the things that really create the life you desire to live.  This includes time for relationship building, I’m sure you would agree that time is an important resource and we do not have an unlimited amount.  Learning skills that enable us to use the time allocated wisely is highly beneficial. One way  I have found to build relationships is through the community meals.  My husband and I have had some interesting conversations over dinner with fellow travelers and hotel staff in the hotel restaurant.  This has allowed us time to spend with more people.
  3. Clarity.  As you embark on the journey to simplifying your life you will gain clarity about the things that are necessary in your life and those that are dispensable.  Ask yourself:  What can I live without?  Once you have the answer why not take action to get rid of the things you listed.

I think you would agree that a life filled with peace, good use of time and clarity would certainly aid you in experiencing a more relaxed way of living.

Here’s to a life of intentional living,


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