IMG_03012.jpgI would like to recommend Delphine as a Life Coach.  She is compassionate and has a heart and passion for people.  She returns phone calls and emails in a timely manner and follows up when necessary.  Delphine listens and makes you feel comfortable…  When I began Life Coaching I was a single mom of four, full-time student, part-time employee, and a major dreamer. I refer to myself as a dreamer because I had many dreams I wanted to see manifest in my life but because of my past and many mistakes I began to believe the dream boat had passed me by.  Life coaching with Delphine changed all that and the dream boat is sailing with my name on the side. 

I could go on and on about the many ways life coaching has enriched and improved my life.  God gave me wings but Delphine has empowered me and given me permission to fly!  I’ve had the courage to become a better mother and woman.  I finished my final classes…  I now have an Associate Degree.  I signed my lease for my suite for my business.  I’ve started my Bachelor’s Degree…  T. Crews, Massage Therapist


“Delphine is an excellent Life Coach.  I started working with her while I was in college completing my undergraduate degree.  She coached me during my first professional job and when it was time to move from a likely dead-end position; she helped me create and implement a plan to advance my career and life.”  N. Allen, – Organizational Design

 “Because I had climbed into a shell, the Mastermind Group helped me to value myself.  I was able to learn from my mistakes and move forward.  Everything was well planned.  I now have a desire to contribute to others.  It is an exciting challenge for me.” Bonita Swoope Healthcare Hospitality


” I always enjoy life coaching classes, my pleasure to be involved with a wonderful speaker.”

“Thank you, Delphine, for taking the time to share your experience and knowledge with me!

Delphine is a very motivating person.”

“Great life coaching.”

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