How To Pray Scripture

I believe prayer is a very important in spiritual development and mastery.  I have been practicing the discipline of prayer since childhood.  Over the last 15 years I have helped to establish prayer groups and trains hundreds on the importance of developing and maintaining a strong prayer life.  In my book the Fragrance of Prayer I share how you can pray scripture as a part of your daily prayer routine.  Since I have the privilege of being a contributor on the local Moody Radio broadcast I wanted to share one of my Pause for Prayer segments with you.  This segment aired on 6/11/2014.

Psalm 25

Pray Scripture

Psalm 25, a psalm written by David, is a prayer for protection, guidance and pardon. David, the shepherd boy, who slew Goliath, soothed King Saul during his period of terror, fought valiantly on the battlefield and became the second king of Israel, knew how to seek His God. David called on His God when he was in trouble. He sought God when he wanted to know the way he should follow. He also repented when confronted about his sins. Why did this man cry out to God?

Why Pray Scripture?

I’m certain there are many answers however let’s look at one. David understood that he needed God in order to survive. When we recognize that we need God for everything we can rest in the midst of our trials. Certainly Jesus’ words ring true: “I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture.” Would you join me in praying the words of Psalm 25 to our God?

Prayer for Protection and Guidance

My prayer for your protection and guidance:

Dear Father we are so grateful for Your Word. Lord Your Word is truth. When we seek you with our whole hearts we can find You. To You, O Lord, we lift up our souls. O our God, in you we trust. Do not let us be put to shame. Father let not our enemies exult over us. We pray that you would make us to know your ways, O Lord. Teach us your paths. Lead us in Your truth and teach us. Thank you for being the God of our salvation. Thank You for being the door. Remember Your mercy, O Lord, and Your steadfast love. We pray that You would not remember the sins of our youth or our transgressions, rather according to Your steadfast love remember us! Not because of our goodness rather for the sake of your goodness.
Turn to us and be gracious for there are many among us who are lonely and afflicted. Father help us to seek the door instead of enlarging our troubles. Amen.

What’s Next?

If you want to learn more about praying scripture you can purchase a download copy of my book, The Fragrance of Prayer, and start now.

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