It’s Raining on my Dream


It's Raining on My Dreams

Do you sometimes feel like it is raining on your dream?  As a professional life coach I work with clients to provide support and accountability.   In addition, I help my clients to achieve a specific person or professional goal or dream.  I specialize in working with clients to empower their thinking.  This is important because your thinking impacts the quality of your life.  I also help to identify and evaluate the action steps necessary to live your dream.  Why is this important?  Because you are then able to stop talking about the dream and take the action to live from passion!

You might be asking what does it’s raining on my dream mean?  Well, let me share one of the lessons I learned early in life.  I learned not to let the weather determine how I show up each day.  You see, it was a cold and rainy day.  The kind that makes you feel like staying in bed.  Or maybe curling up with your iPad to read.  I had a nice outfit picked out to wear to school on that rainy day.  Because it was raining I didn’t want to wear it.  Instead I chose a green plaid dress, white shirt and some old worn tennis shoes.  I dressed for the weather.  I felt gloomy and uninspired.  I really did want to stay home.  Can you relate?

The Dreaded Sun

By lunch break something happened.  The sun came out.  So all the children went outside to the playground for lunch.  It wasn’t raining anymore.  Having old sneakers on with the sunshine was embarrassing.  Why, because I had dressed for the weather, meaning a rainy day.  And suddenly the sun was shining.  I could only blame myself.

You see I allowed my feelings about the weather to determine how I dressed.  As a result I didn’t feel my best.  Of course, this is not about dress.  It’s about a state of mind.  Likewise you cannot dress for where you are or where you have been.  In life we must prepare for where we are going.  Sometimes we hold back waiting for a day filled with sunshine.  Without preparation the sun will suddenly break through and you will not realize the rain and clouds have passed away.

My Choice

Really it was a choice I made.  It wasn’t my fault it rained.  I could not control the weather.  I did have control over the choices I made regarding how I would dress.  It was a way of thinking.  Rainy days meant I could lower my standards.  Sunny days meant I felt good and wanted to look my best.

Maybe you can relate.  Living in the Northeast we experience many cloudy and snowy days.  Often I don’t want to go out because it’s cold and gloomy.  Certainly neither you nor would achieve our dreams if we stayed home and didn’t do anything when the weather was rainy, cold, or snowy.

When we understand we have everything we need to succeed we act with confidence.  Of course, we are all a work in progress.  This is the reason why developing ourselves in every area is so important.  So don’t let the rain dampen your dreams.  If you want to learn more about living your dreams contact me.

Take Action

I would love to hear from you.

What are some of the things impacting your dreams?  How does the weather impact your plans?


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  1. I would like to say thank you for sharing this with me. I don’t realize that I need to stop allowing the rain to effect me and start just living for the moment.

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