There Is No Failure

When you engage in the process of self-discovery you come to a realization that there is no failure.  Now, stay with me for a moment.  Often we feel like giving up and of course, you and I consider this to be a sign of failure.  Actually thinking about quitting is not the same as quitting.  When I decided to open my business as a professional coach I was afraid.  This was certainly new territory and I wanted to succeed.  So I laid out a plan and began to work the plan.  With each new day I had a choice to make:  would I give in to the temptation to quit or would I keep trying recognizing there is no failure in pursuing my dreams.

And then I came across a quote by Elbert Hubbard, an American author and publisher.  Hubbard was a very wise man whose sayings continue to be an inspiration almost one hundred years later.  Here is what I read:

There is no failure except in no longer trying.

This was just what I needed in order to continue taking one step at a time to achieve my goals.  So what was I trying to do?  I wanted to establish my business.  Likewise what in your life are you trying to do?  Do you allow negative thoughts about quitting to stop you from accomplishing your daily goals?

3 Steps to Avoid Failure

After reading this quote I decided to take 3 steps that have been very helpful as I continue my journey.  They are:

  1. Failure is not an option.  I will not quit anything unless I am fully convinced that I have exhausted all of the options.
  2. Refuse to replay failures.  In life we must evaluate our successes and failures; however you should avoid spending too much time looking at what didn’t work.  Keep moving forward.
  3. Trying will lead to the next step.  As long as you continue trying when you are convinced it is the right thing to do you are moving in the direction of your dreams.  Even if the road leads to another place you will have gained valuable insight and stamina for the journey.  John Maxwell discusses the importance of learning from our failures in Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn.  I recommend this book in order to help you learn from your life experiences.

Really, there is no failure as long as you keep trying.  Failure is certain the moment you stop trying.

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