Does Pursuing Your Dream Seem Like Walking Against the Wind

The other day it was so windy I felt I was going to be lifted up into the sky.  After all it is March, the windy month.  Of course, this wind was not destructive nor similar to a tornado or hurricane.  Certainly during catastrophic weather events the weather conditions are directly influenced and impacted by the wind velocity.  According to Wikipedia,” wind speed or wind velocity is a fundamental, atmospheric rate.”  Building are designed to withstand high winds.    The wind speed impacts weather forecasting, aircraft, maritime operations, construction projects, and even walking to name some of the impacts.

I remember as a child flying kites and watching them go higher and higher.  It was fantastic fun as long as I didn’t let go of the string!  Many times I lost my kites because I didn’t secure the strings.  I would watch with sadness as the kite flew away until I couldn’t see it any longer.  Likewise we often hold our dreams loosely, letting go of the string at the wrong time, only to feel sad and lost.

Thinking of the windy day reminds me of a trip I took to Chicago a few years ago to speak.  It was a great two days in a city I love.  Having lived in the area I enjoy the opportunity to go back for an occasional visit.  After speaking to a fantastic group of people I was ready for a delicious dinner with my daughter and a friend.  Walking downtown Chicago exhilarates me because of the people, the scenery and the sense of “walking against the wind or in the wind”.  As a Life Coach I watch people coming and going and wonder what are their dreams and how are they living each day in order to fulfill them.  Are they walking towards their dreams or walking against the wind?  We all know how difficult it can be when we are walking against the pressure of the wind.

Chicago,  is a beautiful city!  I miss the wonderful cultural opportunities and all the exciting activities available.  I felt revived and refreshed.  I would even say more alive!  Often I feel that way when I am speaking or during a coaching session, especially when one of my clients share about their wins!  What about you?  Are you walking towards your dreams or walking against the wind?  Do you need a Coach to help you on the journey?  Do you know how to identity your dreams?  One of the resources I use to coach my clients is Putting Your Dream to the Test by John Maxwell.  In the book and the resource you learn 10 questions to help you see it, your dream, and seize it!  Walking against the wind can make one feel very tired.  If you do not know what your dream is or how to pursue it then you are probably experiencing a feeling similar to walking against the wind.  If you are tired  of walking against the wind, why not find help.  To purchase the Putting Your Dream to the Test  learning system go to and click on the products tab.  If you would like to have a complimentary coaching session to see how this will help you please contact me.

I had a wonderful time speaking in Chicago because I was and am living my dream.  The days passed quickly it was time to return home.  I boarded the plane and settled in for the ride home.  The plane slowly lifted up against the wind.   As I looked out over Lake Michigan  I thought  again about the reason God placed me on this earth.  This is so important because each day we have 24 hours to fulfill our dream and purpose.  To put it in the form of a question, why are you on this earth?  This is a powerful question that can be used in your life to start pursuing the dream or dreams you have been given for this season!  Once again I looked out at the beautiful clouds and I could sense God’s beauty and majesty.  No, I am not walking against the wind, I am pursuing my dreams!

Do you need help to pursue your dreams?  If so, contact me and let’s start your journey.

Pursue your dreams,


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