Do Not Quit

Have you ever felt like quitting?  At some point in our lives we all feel like quitting.  That’s when you must make the decision and do not quit on you.  Some have said that quitting is easy.  I’m not sure about that fact; however I do know that there are seasons in life when it is very tough to want to keep going.  That is when you must remember do not quit. The fascinating thing about our lives is that while we may repeat the stories of others we all have an individual story to live out.  Unfortunately contained within our stories are many ups and downs.  As I ponder the season I am in now, grieving the death of both my parents in less than 6 months, I find I have a heightened awareness of the need to seize the moment.  This heightened awareness has probably been there and yet there is an urgency now to make the most out of each moment.  So what does do not quit really mean?

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Do Not Quit Means You Defy The Seasons

You should note that do not quit means you defy the season you are in and come out victorious with tenacity and courage.  It is during the seasons of adversity, pain, loss, discouragement, and doubt that we need something to steady or anchor us.  For me I find the strength to defy the seasons and not quit through my faith.  Likewise when you are determined to stay the course you make up your mind to not quit.  You do not quit on you!

What Helps You To Not Quit?

Have you ever thought about what helps you to not quit when you are facing unusual circumstances?  I have.  My faith has sustained me for decades.  It’s where I find peace, comfort and joy.  I have practiced the spiritual disciplines of prayer, meditation, Bible reading, and communing with God since my childhood.  I even wrote about my prayer experience in my book, The Fragrance of Prayer.  You may be going through a crisis in your life that feels insurmountable; however may I encourage you to find out what anchors you.  Don’t allow negative thoughts to take root in your mind.  Understand that for you quitting is not an option.  John Piper, a Christian preacher and author, said:

Darkness comes.  In the middle of it, the future looks blank.  The temptation to quit is huge.  Don’t.  You are in good company…  You will argue with yourself that there is no way forward.  But with God, nothing is impossible.  He has more ropes and ladders and tunnels out of pits than you can conceive.  Wait.  Pray without ceasing.  Hope.

Presently you might feel that your life looks very dark however you can make it.  I have days when I feel very sad and I shed tears.  Those are natural responses when we love someone and suddenly they are gone.  Because life is so precious and the lessons of life come in many ways I am choosing to fully embrace this season.  Likewise, what can you learn from the season you are currently experiencing?  I am confident that as you look towards the horizon there is a ray of light penetrating your darkness.  You can defy the odds and get through your season one thought and action at a time. Do not quit on you!


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