How to Develop Compassion

Compassion is the result of expressing empathy for other’s suffering. It is one of the quintessential components to living a peaceful and harmonious life. Compassion brings immediate and long-term happiness when practiced. Albert Schweitzer said: “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

How we treat others defines our character.  What causes you to want to help others?  For some of us the sight of a young child’s frail body suffering from hunger evokes strong feelings. For others it is the sight of an abused child.  We recognize that strong feelings come about as a result of our heart’s reaction to suffering.  Sometimes we want to look away or not deal however caring hearts will not allow us to turn away; instead we move towards those in need.

 How to Develop Compassion

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When there is a desire to develop compassion in your life, the key is to make it a daily practice.  So how can you become more proficient at serving others on a daily basis?  Here are a few tips to follow.  Start each day with meditation, when interacting with people practice compassion and when preparing for sleep, reflect on compassion.  By incorporating this practice into our daily lives, it becomes a part of us. 

Compassion also carries positive physical benefits.  Studies indicate that practicing compassion increases DHEA by 100%.  DHEA is an anti-aging hormone.  Practicing compassion also reduces cortisol by 23%, which is a stress hormone.  We can all use less stress in our lives.

Compassion feeds both the spiritual and emotional parts of our being.  It allows us to be happier and to share our happiness with those around us.  Most of us desire peace and happiness and to share with others so it is logical to practice compassion to achieve that which we can have as quickly as now. If you would like to learn more about this topic contact me to discuss it.

What can you do to develop more compassion in your life?

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