Destined For Greatness

This week I will be sharing from my Pause for Prayer segments airing on The Cleveland Moody Broadcast radio station. As a person of faith I find much peace and joy in my personal relationship with God. I hope that these posts will be a blessing in your life if you are seeking to grow spiritually. Through the years I have learned that we cannot separate our spirituality from the rest of our life. Trying to compartmentalize the various areas of our lives is detrimental to our overall well-being. You can also listen at 7:45 am, 11:57 am, and 8:55 pm (ET), to the broadcast via the internet at .  This post is from today’s broadcast.

Are you destined for greatness? Esther was a young woman growing up in Persia under the guidance and care of her cousin, Mordecai.
She was positioned to save her people. You might say that Esther was destined for greatness.
Yet, Esther had a secret. She had been told not to disclose her heritage. How many times have you felt it necessary to share a secret about yourself?
It must have been tempting for Esther to reveal her true identity as one of the Jews.
You know when I was reading this passage I thought about the fact that despite an obvious connection with Mordecai, God protected Esther’s identity. She was hidden in plain sight.
Likewise, you and I can trust God to protect us. Our secrets are safe until it is time for them to be revealed. When you find your purpose and willingly walk that path; the protection, provision and peace of God surrounds you. In times of trouble may the cry of your heart rest in God and declare, “If I perish, I perish”? (Esther 4:15)

Let’s pray.

Dear God you designed us for greatness. Not the world’s definition of greatness but the greatness that comes from knowing and living from our purpose. Father we pray that you would reveal how we might serve others despite our own life circumstances. Lord like the enemy who threatened to exterminate the Jews there are many countries in turmoil. Sin is rampant and so is hatred. We pray that you would make us instruments of peace. Lord grant that we might seek how to resolve trouble instead of stirring up dissension. Give us the wisdom to pray that you might move in many countries where violence is overtaking the landscape. Would you protect the children in these war-torn areas?
We pray for divine guidance and wisdom for our President and leaders of this country.
Lord bring leaders to power who will listen to the desires of the people and make just decisions. Thank you for protection, provision and peace. Amen.

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