How to Deliver an Emmy Award Performance

I enjoy watching award shows.  This is something I have been doing for many years.  Often it is fascinating to watch those who know how to deliver an Emmy Award performance.  These artist know how to skillfully draw in their audience, use body language to keep the audience engaged while producing a masterpiece.    I remember how excited I was as a child when I watched the names being called and finally the winner taking the stage.  Often they would grab the Emmy and appear as though they were speechless.

Emmy Award Performance Pic

Reading this quote brought back fond memories and reminded me of something greater than a trophy or public accolades.  Dan Zadra, an author, wrote:

Most of us never qualify for life’s grand awards–no Oscar, Emmy, or Nobel Prize.  But we all have a shot at one worthwhile pursuit–the chance to deliver quality in all that we do for others.

This reminds me of the importance to delivering an Emmy award performance in my service to others.  As a Life Empowerment Coach I work with individuals and small business owners who want to create a fabulous life for themselves and others.  Often my clients face the dilemma of  how to deliver quality while staying financially solvent during the formative years of their business.  I have found 3 steps to be vitally important in how to deliver an Emmy award performance in your business.

3 Steps To An Emmy Award Performance:

  1. Know your customer.  Using your abilities to determine what your customer wants and needs is so important to the survival of your business.  Equally as important is making sure your clients are receiving excellence in any and all encounters with you or members of your team.  As a certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Teacher I work with my clients using the learning system, Becoming A Person of Influence.  This learning system helps you to learn how to positively impact the lives of others. Do you want to have a positive impact on the lives of others?  I certainly want to make a positive difference in the lives of my clients!  What are some ways to know your client?
  2. The art of questions.  Ask questions to get answers about your clients.  When asking questions remember to listen closely to what they tell you about themselves and their business.  When relationships are important we tend to put forth greater effort in building the necessary connections to keep advancing the relationship.  Listening is a very important skill in developing rapport and building trust.  Knowing your client is vitally important.  Asking probing questions is an art.  It is important for you to engage your client in questions that allow them to really share their dreams, goals and hopes.  The answers to the questions you ask will determine the depth and possibly the length of your engagement with your client.
  3. Remember what they tell you.  This may sound elementary however it is crucial in any conversation to know your clients and to avoid asking the same questions too frequently.  One of the most disheartening thing we can do is to forget someone’s name.  That is pretty embarrassing at a party.  However imagine the negative impact it could have on a potential client.  People feel special when you call them by their name.  I have also found that the correct pronunciation is equally important.  I know because my name is often mispronounced.  While I have learned to accept this, it can break down the trust.

When you know how to deliver an Emmy award performance in your service you will find raving clients who want to continue a long and meaning relationship with your business.  Through the years you will find the information is useful in every interaction you have with your clients.

Let’s talk.  I want to hear your thoughts. 

What steps do you take to deliver an Emmy Award performance for your clients?  You can leave a comment below.

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