What is Life Coaching

Life Coaching focuses on the future. It is professional coaching which helps you determine and achieve personal goals. Life coaching is about you and your life. Life coaching is about empowering you to become the best you can in all areas.  I am passionate about helping you to move now!  One of my mantras is “do it afraid”.   Life coaching aids clients in developing specific skills. Life coaching is question-based with the answers coming from you, the client.

The foundations of life coaching are honesty, integrity and respect for the clients served. As a life coach I will encourage you to believe in your talents and abilities. This is often seen most vividly in discarded or partially completed dreams.  What will your life look like 5 years from today?  What will your life be like in 6 months?  Life coaching provides you with the tools to pick up your discarded or partially completed dreams.  One of the learning systems I use is Put Your Dream to the Test.  Have you spent the time to evaluate your dreams?    We will set realistic goals, take appropriate actions and celebrate your success. Life Coaching is not focused on the past, counseling or therapy. The process fosters interdependence.

Life Coaching is a process of learning, growth and development in which the Coach:

    • forms a partnership with you, the client
    • assist the client in improving your quality of life
    • help you discover your passions and purpose in life
    • deal with any limitations and obstacles
    • and helps open up a pathway for you to achieve your goals!

We offer you an opportunity to experience life coaching individually, in a small group setting or through a mastermind group.  As a professional life coach I will work with you to create the life you desire.


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