About Delphine

About Delphine

Delphine Allen

  Hi, I’m Delphine.   I wanted to share a little about my story with you.

As a professional certified coach and life empowerment strategist I founded DLA Empowerment Life Coaching to help emerging leaders and entrepreneurs stop talking about starting a business or ministry and do it!  I work with my clients to define their purpose; identify limiting beliefs; and take the action steps needed to start and grow flourishing businesses or ministries.   For me, it’s all about helping my clients live the life they love!  The key is to get my clients to take action!

My website and blog are dedicated to providing the tools and resources to inspire my clients to live each day with passion.  My highest priority is to empower my client’s thinking to create a successful life.

My Background

I spent the first 13 years of my career working in leadership roles in both the public and private sectors in eligibility and risk management.  I left the workforce to rear my children and continued my personal development.  During that time I became involved in leadership roles within my church.  I have over 20 years of experience training, speaking and helping others develop and grow in the areas of Personal Development, Leadership and Communication.

My perseverance and tenacious desire to help others while staying on the cutting-edge led me to the John Maxwell Team.  I am a founding partner and an Independent Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer & Speaker. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Mississippi State University.  In addition, I have various Certifications/Ordinations in Ministry.


My Passion

I realize investing in your personal and professional development is important.  This will build your awareness and confidence to take action.  I have not wavered in my determination to reach my dreams.  I use that same passion to inspire you to attain your dreams.  I live by the motto, “do it now, even if you have to do it afraid.”

As my client I will provide you with an experience that is both empowering and liberating. My coaching and training programs take a holistic approach to personal development using Individual Service Strategies and Personalized Vision Statements.  I enthusiastically encourage my clients to pursue their dreams despite any barriers or fears.  We work to transform your goals into achievable actions.

 On A Personal Note

IMG_0555I am happily married to Wesley and we have two adult children.  We reside in Northeast Ohio.  As a former Mississippian I enjoy the Ohio winters; however I look forward to traveling to the south to bask in the warm climate and take long walks.

I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling and reading books in my spare time.


Those who know me describe me as a compassionate and caring person with a heart to serve others and an infectious smile.  I love hearing the stories from my clients when they move into their purpose and live the life they love!  I smile as they share their stories knowing the best is yet to come…



Contact Me

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