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For  life empowerment strategist  and professional coach, Delphine Allen,  it’s all about helping her clients live the life they love!  According to Delphine, “the key is to get my clients to take action!”

As the President and CEO of DLA Empowerment Life Coaching, LLC, Delphine founded her company to inspire her clients to live each day with passion.  Our highest priority is to empower our client’s thinking to create a successful life.

Delphine Allen

Delphine Allen

Delphine enjoys working with her clients.  She walks the talk and enjoys life!  She understands the life-changing effects of a positive attitude. Delphine realizes one’s attitude can negatively impact their ability to lead effectively.

She realizes  investing in your personal and professional development is important.  This will build your awareness and confidence to take action.   Delphine has not wavered in her determination to reach her dreams.  She uses the same passion to inspire others to attain their dreams.  Delphine lives by the motto, “do it now, even if you have to do it afraid.”

With over 20 years in both the public and private sectors Delphine enjoys working with individuals, small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Delphine works in the areas of Personal Development, Leadership & Communication.

Delphine provides her client with an experience that is both empowering and liberating. Delphine’s training programs take a holistic approach to personal development using Individual Service Strategies and a Personalized Vision Statements

Delphine encourages her clients to pursue their dreams despite any barriers or fears.  She energetically works with her clients to transform their goals into achievable actions.  A dynamic speaker, Delphine’s soothing delivery enables her to bring insight and clarity while connecting with her audience.

In addition to her distinction as an Independent Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer & Speaker, and various Certifications/Ordinations in Ministry, Delphine also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work  from Mississippi State University.

Delphine enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and reading books in her spare time.  She is married to Wesley, they have two adult children and reside in Northeast Ohio.

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