A Servant’s Heart: An Example to Follow

When you hear the words “a servant’s heart” what comes to your mind?  Many times you and I will express a desire to have a servant’s heart; however we might not have an example to follow. When I was a child I  made a decision that has impacted my life in a very positive manner. I embraced the Christian faith and began to model my life after Jesus Christ. As a leader I am often faced with leading in a manner that serves the needs of others while accomplishing my God-given purpose. That led me to ask the following question:  ‘Do you lead like Jesus?’ What motivates you to serve others? Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges in their book, Lead like Jesus wrote:

“The most persistent barrier to leading like Jesus is a heart motivated by self-interest. It is true that from infancy we are focused on our personal needs and desires. According to the authors “A heart motivated by self-interest looks at the world as a ‘give a little, take a lot’ proposition. People with hearts motivated by self-interest put their own agenda, safety, status, and gratification ahead of that of those affected by their thoughts and actions.”


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A Good Example

We have many role models in life.  You might look up to your parents, teachers, clergy, bosses, coaches and the list goes on and on.  We also can choose who are role models are and the impact they have on our lives.  As a Christians I have a strong desire to please God.  According to the Bible all believers in the faith will someday stand before God.  In that moment our desire is to hear our Lord say well done good and faithful servant (Matthew 25:210).  When we are motivated to please another we are seeking to be a good example and not one that negatively impacts others.  That is the heart of a servant.  Being a servant leader does not mean that you are soft and unwilling to handle conflict.  It means that you weigh the decisions in your personal and professional life based on a set of values geared towards helping others.

A Servant’s Heart Is Consistent

When you possess a servant’s heart you consistently live this out in your life.  So, what can you do to live each day with a servant’s heart?

As a life coach and spiritual adviser I work with my clients to help them live from a place of authenticity and clarity.  Here are a few life coaching tips you can use to effectively and effortlessly live with a servant’s heart:

  1. Choose to treat others with mutual respect.  It is very important that our family members, friends, employers and those we interact with feel that we have respect for them and their opinions.
  2. Consciously live out your values.  Whether you are a person of a specific faith or not make sure you know your values and are consciously living from those values.  If you have a value for helping others then you will thrive in situations where you are able to help others often.
  3. Create space for sharing with like-minded people who have a desire to lead with compassion and confidence.
  4. Consider whether you are treating others as better than yourself.  Be careful to live a life that not only focuses on your interests but also the interest of others.

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As you live and lead with a servant’s heart you will find encouragement, comfort, joy and a sense of fulfillment that is the catalyst for impacting the world.  Keep living from a servant’s heart; it’s contagious.


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