8 Compelling Reasons to Take Action

What compels you to take action?

 In my work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate executives, I have noticed that the most successful people understand the compelling reasons to take action.  They are goal-oriented and self-motivated  and compelled to take action.  As a leader taking action helps you to  continue moving forward.  You are continuously working towards a higher level in your personal and professional lives.  Every person should know at least 8 compelling reasons to take action.  Why is this necessary?  Because a clear understanding of your reasons for action will keep you from getting stuck.  In addition, it will keep you on target when facing obstacles and setbacks.

Caleb is a biblical character who exemplified this need to take action.   Caleb asked his leader, Joshua, to “give me this mountain”.  He was referring to the land that God had promised him.  After 40 years, Caleb at 85 years of age,  held on to his faith and action plan for the future.  Caleb refused to accept no for an answer.  He is an example of a person with compelling reasons to take action, especially to achieve his dreams!

Last week host ,Sharon Johnson,  of the Comtivate Radio show, interviewed me.  We had a lively discussion about Caleb, what mountains represent and how to take your mountain through the pathway of action.  You can get additional insight by listening to the show. 
Woman Climbing Mountain

Average is not Good Enough

It might have easy for Caleb to settle for being average; however his actions indicated a belief system based on excellence and not living an average life.  Regardless of your age, gender, nationality, or socio-economic status you can live an above average life.  Our lives become meaningless when we do not have dreams, goals, aspirations or something to achieve.

8 Compelling Reasons

  1. You were created for a purpose.  You must find it. John Maxwell writes "a clear and compelling dream gives direction and meaning to life, yet often people allow their dreams to remain vague and unformed.  The more specific people are about their dreams, the more clearly they understand why achieving it is so important to them.  Clarifying the vision reveals a person's sense of purpose.  Bringing a dream into focus takes effort, ultimately only those who see their dream are able to seize their dream."
  2. You were created to serve a specific group of people.  They are waiting for the gifts you have to release.  When you find the place and people you were created to serve; you find yourself in the zone enjoying your life.
  3. You will experience phenomenal joy.  One year for our family vacation we traveled to the mountains in Georgia.  I awakened early one morning and saw both the sun and moon in the sky.  One was going down and the other arising.  It was a breathtaking sight.  That morning I realized you and I can either take action or passively allow life to happen to us.  If we make that choice we will miss the beauty and joy of being fully alive!
  4. When you take action resources appear.  It is very obvious that remaining stuck will not open up any new resources.
  5. New opportunities suddenly open up.  When you take action you become more aware of the vast resources and opportunity available to help you succeed!
  6. You will see the people you serve grow.  As you walk in purpose, find your niche and enjoy life, you are able to influence others in powerful ways.
  7. Your difficulties will seem easier to navigate.  Focusing on moving forward gives us a positive outlook.
  8. Your view changes and you see victory instead of problems.

What compelling reasons do you have to take action? I would love to hear your comments.

To taking action,


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