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Welcome to my site.  I’m Delphine Allen, your Empowerment Coach.

As a professional coach, wife, mother, spiritual adviser, inspirational speaker and visionary in women’s leadership, I’ve dedicated my life to empowering others, especially women to take action.

You might be wondering what is Empowerment?  Do you know how to empower yourself to have a successful life? Are there times you need a coach to assist you with your personal growth and development?  Do you have a desire to start a business or ministry?

If you have difficulty answering these questions, you should consider empowerment coaching. We often empower others in our lives. While empowering others is great, we must take the same care and concern for ourselves to truly be empowering beings!

Allow me to coach you.  Together we can help you to develop the balance, motivation and skills you need to empower your thinking for successful living! 


em·pow·er \im-ˈpau̇(-(ə)r\ (Websters Dictionary)Success

1:  to give official authority or legal power to <empowered her attorney to act on her behalf>
2:  enable 1a
3:  to promote the self-actualization or influence of <women’s movement has been inspiring and empowering women — Ron Hansen>

As it is often said, we must watch our thoughts because our thoughts become actions and actions become habits. If you are feeling stuck or in a rut, or if your employees need assistance resolving conflicts or with being self-motivated, empowerment coaching is the solution.

Empowerment coaching comes in a variety of forms – from life coaching to vision coaching, individual to group coaching, and leadership courses and workshops to mastermind groups. To be empowered, we must learn to connect with ourselves and others.  I have the life experiences, education and expertise to coach people from all walks of life.

Empowerment coaching helps to identify core values and determine actionable steps to live out those values. What can be more empowering than living what you believe?

I offer a variety of services specifically tailored to your needs.  I help individuals, groups and large audiences achieve empowered thinking for successful living.

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